Our Pastors

Rev. Alain Kazadi is the founder and President of Restoration Christian Centre International in London Ontario Canada. He and his wife Nanette founded RCCI in 2011 as they received a mandate from the Lord to bring restoration to the life of people here in London and the surrounding areas.

He is committed to bringing the biblical truth in love and his application by presenting the good news of the Gospel with clarity and excellence, emphasizing restoration of life for those inclinations in their spiritual lives due to circumstances which have caused them to hold back in their Christian walk, or lack of motivation to thrive.  He speaks biblical truth to those who are of the grace of God salvation

Pastor Alain gave his life to Jesus on September 6th, 1991 in Los Angeles California through the preaching and ministry of Apostle Nahum Tumba Shaumba of Faith in Action.

Rev. Kazadi is an ordained minister within the Church of God in Ontario. He has a background study in economics and holds a bachelor’s degree in theology.

He is married to Pastor Nanette for 19 years now and God has blessed them with three girls and two twin boys.